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Sarita belongs to a small city, married to her love and love making friends. Her motto is "Live and let others also Live". She believes in being a free bird. She is finding ways to earn staying at home. And trying hard for the same. more...

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Rome: Rome is situated on the west in the central Italy. Whole Europe is known for its historical monuments and buildings, so is the Rome which is the capital of Italy. Main tourist attractions of Rome include beautiful fountains, churches that are known for their architecture and museums. New Rome is full of excellent restaurants with a great nightlife for tourists. One fountain that is among the top list of Rome is the “Trevi Fountain” that is the wishing fountain of Rome. One can see a lo...
Published by sarita garg 66 months ago in Italy | +0 votes | 0 comments
Venice is a beautiful city in Northern Italy located on the Adriatic Sea.
Published by sarita garg 70 months ago in Italy | +6 votes | 2 comments
The city of London in located on River Thames. London is famous for its arts and commerce, education, fashion, finance and professional services, healthcare, research and development, tourism and transport.
Published by sarita garg 70 months ago in UK | +3 votes | 3 comments
Chamonix is situated in the south-eastern France. The first winter Olympics were held in Chamonix in 1924.
Published by sarita garg 70 months ago in France | +3 votes | 2 comments
Paris is a large city in France. It is situated on the river Seine. It is one of the worldÂ’s leading business and cultural centres.
Published by sarita garg 73 months ago in Europe | +10 votes | 3 comments
Dove is a beauty soap produced by Unilever. It helps in moisturizing our skin deeply and effectively.
Published by sarita garg 73 months ago in Skin Care & Facial Care | +9 votes | 4 comments
Phuket is a place to relax at the beach side as well as rock and roll the whole night. A 6 day trip will satisfy your each and every want. A mix of fun and relaxation lies in Phuket. Some of things to do in Phuket are:
Published by sarita garg 77 months ago in Thailand | +11 votes | 6 comments
Every woman is conscious of her looks and especially about her hairs. The fact attached to this statement is that, a person's overall personality consists of his/her dressing style, choice of clothes and off course the quality of hairs. I am pointing out this because, I myself believe this.
Published by sarita garg 79 months ago in Hair Care, Coloring & Styling | +11 votes | 12 comments